What Do You Do With Holiday Cards After New Year?

It’s that time of year when parents start spending time, money and energy on creating the perfect holiday card to send to family, friends and co-workers.  You plan the perfect outfits and the perfect setting.  You may even hire a photographer and pour over options from online print shops to find the perfect design, envelopes, and perhaps even custom postage stamps.

holiday card alternative video holiday card

You make sure you mail your card at just the right time – far enough into the season that the time feels just right – not so far into the season that it’s lost in the crush of other people’s holiday cards.  And then, a few weeks later, when the holiday decorations come down, what happens to that perfect card that captures the single, perfect family moment?

More often than not (and we have all done it, no matter how much we love receiving beautiful holiday cards), people end up throwing it away or leaving it in the bottom of a drawer or storage box or wherever they keep their photos. They feel grateful to have received the image, the reminder of loved ones, feeling closer to them for that singular moment. 

A Moving Card – Real Moments, Ready to Share

At Portraits that Move, we have created a holiday card alternative that allows the real spirit of your child to shine through as a celebration of the spirit of good cheer that we want to spread this time of year.  Our holiday video cards are easy to share and enjoy for years to come. 

holiday video card

With a video holiday card, parents get more than just one perfect moment, perfectly captured.  You are given a moving, speaking time capsule of your children as they are right now.  You are able to hear, see and share them in their own words, in their own way, celebrating what they love about the holidays, about your family, about their lives, right now.

What better way to hold onto the magic of the season than to be able to watch and share that message screen to screen, over and over, throughout the year? Our holiday snapshots deepen our connection with our loved ones. They get to see and hear us, to feel closer and to have a deeper understanding of who are children are.

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We are so lucky to celebrate the season by creating video holiday cards for our clients.  It is the perfect reminder that the magic and love of our children is present in their observations, their ideas and the stories they love to share.

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