On Birthdays, Thankfulness and Documenting

This month I had a birthday. It was a quiet but joyful one. I spent the day doing things I love, walking in my neighborhood, eating yummy food, and speaking to loved ones near and far. It was not what I expected or planned, but it filled me up. I felt loved, I felt connected and I felt grateful.

gratitude birthday card mom

I think every year we are here and get the privilege of having another birthday is miraculous. Every morning that we get to wake up and have another day is worth celebrating.  And this value is at the core of Portraits That Move.

We love holidays and birthdays, of course. They are important to recognize and gather around. But it is the small moments, the everyday meals and walks, experiences and time together that bring us deep joy.

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On my birthday this year, I felt both ways. I loved that it was my day and I loved hearing from those whom I love. And I loved that it was a Sunday, like any other, and that I am alive.

That, in and of itself, is worth documenting and celebrating.