Small Moments

I love holidays of all kinds.  I think they are important times to stop, spend time with family and enjoy. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries I love them all and participate in each of them with vigor and excitement.

Once we have children, I think the small moments of life are even more important to celebrate. We can create small traditions in a daily way that mean something to us and to our children. I was recently traveling for several weeks. When I finally returned and had a Saturday with my son, I asked him how he wanted to spend it.  He created the perfect day.

We started by having pastries at our favorite bakery (where we go every time we have a day like this.) We watched a movie, went to the bookstore, had some pizza and went for a long walk. We talked and snuggled and just enjoyed each other. It did not make up for the time I was away, but we were reconnecting and we both enjoyed it.

                                                                                Chocolate croissant, my son's favorite (image via Flickr)

                                                                                Chocolate croissant, my son's favorite (image via Flickr)

The bakery outing was a special thing that we do frequently, just the two of us. I was excited that he chose to start the day that way. In making that the start of our day, he showed me that the quiet, gentle time is important to him. It was something comforting, celebratory and fun. He needed the moment just as much as I did.

The rest of the day felt the same way- we both love movies, books and pizza. We held hands and felt close. We felt lucky to have this life and each other.