Slow Down and Savor the Memories We Make Every Minute

As modern parents, our lives are busy, hectic, frenetic. We are trying to do more, achieve more, have more and our children are a huge part of this. We rely on technology to help us get it all done, and this can be a wonderful thing. The downside of this new pace of our lives is that everything is faster, including how quickly our children grow up and how fast we feel the time going by.

Before we know it, our children are 3, 5, 12 years old, and we realize we were so busy that we forgot to sit in the moment, to feel it, to treasure it. Sitting in the moment is hard, it pushes us to feel more, to recognize all that we have (and the flip side of that, all that we have to lose).

But it is this act of being present that is what is best for us and ultimately best for our children. When we take the time to live in the everyday, we are creating memories that we, and our children, will treasure.

The memories of small moments hold us and keep us close. The way a child looks, the way he phrases something, the things that are important to her, and to our families are worth documenting. Modern technology makes it easy to record these moments, but we too often do so in a way that is haphazard or flippant. We are fast about recording our lives, rather than intentional.  Just like we are often fast about living our lives, rather than intentional.

This is where Portraits that Move comes in. We help you to hold these moments in time with love, reverence and care. We stay present with you and then we give that moment back to you, to savor. In making our short documentary films for families, we slow down the frenetic pace of everyday life with kids and allow you to feel the real moments, the memories, of your child’s life, today. 

Learn more about how the Portraits that Move experience has helped parents to slow down, appreciate and savor moments with their kids. What about this time in your child's life do you want to remember most?