With Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food, the chance to be with family - the formal kick-off to the holiday season. It is also the week of my son’s birthday - the most empowering day in my life so far - a moment I love to remember and cherish.

Most of all, though, any formal reason to express and discuss gratitude is significant to me. Personally, I feel gratitude every day that I wake up alive, every morning I see my son’s smile for the first time - every time I get a moment to be in nature and look up at the sun. I have a daily gratitude practice that keeps my life centered and filled with optimism and my son and I practice gratitude together each day.

I recently created a video for a client who did the same with her sons. It was wonderful to hear what they were thankful for.

At our table this year, my nephew mentioned he was grateful for his parents, my other nephew was grateful for stairs.  Here is my quick gratitude list today:  I am grateful for my health, my son, my parents and family, pumpkin pie (my favorite!), the coffee my father made me this morning, and the tremendous gift of getting to do this work  that I love.

Thank you for working with Portraits that Move, for allowing us into your homes, for letting us get to know your families, for sharing your truths and for reading here on the blog. I am deeply grateful, more than you can ever imagine.

Happy Thanksgiving!