"I wish I had a library of videos like these  of my dad when he was well, of my grandma when she was well, of the boys in all of their precious and fleeting stages of development... it's so special to have this moment captured  thank you!"

Michelle Roos

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 "Like most parents, I want to capture my kids' youth and vitality, and put it in a bottle for me to access at any given point in time.  They are growing far too fast, and with my always being behind the camera, I often lose out on many moments as a result of trying to capture their spontaneous antics.  The irony of course, is that you cannot both adequately document and experience a moment at the same time.  Enter Portraits That Move."

Kim Goldin

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"Working with the team at Portraits that Move was so easy!  They were calm and collected and made everyone at ease.  My children were captured at ages 6 and 3... we cannot wait to look back on this masterpiece when they are older!  Highly recommend the whole experience and finished product!"

Sarah Kahn

"I didn’t know what to expect when Susannah approached me about shooting a video of Charlie with Portraits That Move.  She had just launched and explained that she wanted to capture kids in their own environment, comfortable and being themselves. I knew Susannah’s extraordinary film work and knew that it would be special, but I didn’t expect it to have this level of kvell."

Elena Berger

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 “Working with Susannah was amazing.  Throughout the process, Susannah made the children (and us) feel completely at ease, allowing everyone to be themselves.  She was able to see the magic we see in our children and captured those precious moments on film.  Portraits that Move is a great idea and a fun process with a beautiful end result.    We bought this as a gift to share with our entire family, and truly we are all treasuring it.   What a beautiful gift!!!" 

Jennifer Golden  


“I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Susannah on a video portrait of my girls. We gave the video to my husband as a valentine from the girls. He was so surprised and moved that he actually cried when he watched for the first time! It is such a unique and special way to capture your little ones and Susannah does so in a really honest and natural way. She was lovely to work with prior to our day of shooting and the day of, which added to a great experience. The girls were thrilled to make their own "movie" and so were we!” 

Libby Mayward  

 “My husband travels all the time for work. And my parents and in-laws live far away.  Portraits That Move allowed me to finally get all of them what they really wanted for Christmas:  more time with my children."

Sabrina L

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 "When Susannah first approached us with the idea for PTM, we knew the video would be lovely.  She has a gift for eliciting honesty from those she interviews, and her camera work is extraordinary.  What we didn't realize was how she'd be able to bring out Charlie's warmth and personality so beautifully.  We're certain we love our son beyond measure; Susannah helped capture, in very poignant terms, exactly why."

Peter Melman

 "We love the video PTM made of our daughter. It so beautifully captures a moment in time in our child's life, her aspirations, her dreams, her physicality, her missing teeth, and it was made and filmed with the highest standards possible. We could not be happier. Thank you Susannah!"

Karina Beznicki

 "We must have watched the portrait of our boys, Nikko and Louis, a million times!  Gregg was able to bring out the best in their personalities by capturing the smallest of details.  PTM is the perfect way to highlight those special moments of childhood... A timeless memento for any parent."

Rhodalea Le

"We've absolutely loved our Portraits that Move video, as have our parents, family members and friends that we've shared it with.  The final product was amazing and had our kids sharing things about themselves and their inner thoughts that we rarely, if ever, hear from them."

Jason Kunreuther