Photographer Erin Silber on Documenting Family Life

Guest Post by Erin Silber

Photographing families through Erin Silber Photography is such a joy.  Being invited into so many families’ lives and celebrating the sweet and loving connection everyone has for one another is what I am all about.  

Connection is so simple yet so challenging.  It seems to be getting harder and harder to cultivate true connection these days.  Everyone is overloaded by digital stimulation…. my kids and I included.  Everyone also seems to be overloaded by all their over-scheduled to-do lists.  We need to carve out time to get back to basics - to keep it simple.  We have to make extra efforts to put away the iPhones and really be in each other spaces and interact. 

When I’m with my children, we connect in many small and big ways.  We are not always successful but when we are… it is magical and builds memories for a lifetime.  We sometimes get in wrestling matches (I have two boys!), we go to the local schoolyard to throw the football around, we make pizza and kale chips together, we sing and dance in goofy, crazy ways.  We go on food adventures together…. lately it's been a lot of ramen.  We enjoy family movie night together – last Friday, we watched Little Shop of Horrors along with our special guests Grandma and Grandpa. 

We have dinner together every night and ask each other about our day.  And, we go on amazing trips together, like a massive cross-country trip around the United States.  Taking trips together really helps us to get out of our routines and connect.  Years from now, my sons won’t remember their favorite X-box game or Madden iPhone game score but they will remember their 11 mile hiking adventure through The Needles in Canyonlands with mom.  And they will remember going to the best BBQ joint in Memphis after surveying 10 people who worked at Graceland. 

And they will remember spending hours jumping waves together off of Sullivan’s Island, SC.  And they will remember the crab feast they had with their cousins in Dewey Beach, DE.  They will remember all this because we did it together…. in a very connected way…. and also because I took amazing pictures of it along the way.  And even if I didn’t capture it as documented photographs…. my boys captured those memories forever in their hearts.  I wish that connection for all of the families out there in this fast-moving modern world of ours. 

When I photograph families, I try to keep life simple.  I structure an atmosphere and tone where connected interaction is encouraged and celebrated.  I ask my clients to hold hands, embrace, tickle and play with each other.  Smiles, laughter and love... shared experiences with those you hold most dear… connection…. that’s what the joy of life is all about.  

My close friend, Susannah Ludwig totally gets this sense of joy and the need we have as parents to document and celebrate our always moving lives.  That’s why, in preparation for Mother’s Day, I am so excited to collaborate with Susannah’s heart-centered Portraits that Move in such a great way to give our clients some of their living, breathing family moments to cherish forever.

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All photos courtesy of Erin Silber Photography